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Laurie Governor Curtis

* Founder and CEO of On The Court Solutions 

* Vision and Impact Strategist

* 20+ years Leadership and Business Operations Experience

* Masters, Sports Management 

* International Speaker

* Best Selling Author

* Recipient of The Kaplan Way Leadership Award, Diversity and Inclusion 

* Recipient of The Kaplan Way Leadership Award, Student Success

* Two-Time inductee into the University of Richmond Hall of Fame (Women's Basketball Player and Coach)

* Inductee into the Atlantic 10 Conference Women's Basketball Legends class of 2015



Consulting & Professional Development

We provide creative,

innovative and effective strategies to help

entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals.

Athlete Development

We provide development opportunities to help student-athletes transition on and off the playing field.

Coaching & Personal Development

We are dedicated to empowering individuals to ignite their inner fire, find their purpose, and pursue their passions with confidence. 

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