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Laurie Governor Curtis is the CEO and Founder of On The Court Solutions. Laurie is passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to reach their fullest potential. Her mission is to help others discover their purpose and reach their goals. 

Laurie holds a Master in Sports Management and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Richmond. A member of the University of Richmond Women's Basketball Team, Laurie is a two-time inductee into the University of Richmond Hall of Fame; and she is an inductee into the Atlantic-10 Conference Women’s Basketball Legends Class of 2015.

She also has more than 20 years of leadership and operations experience with particular emphasis on relationship building, program management, training and development, and operations. 

Laurie is an international speaker, coach, best-selling author, and strategist who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

As someone who has overcome many challenges and setbacks in her own life, Laurie understands the power of hard work, resilience, and determination.​

Her personal brand is built on a foundation of authenticity, empathy, and results-driven strategies. Laurie believes in taking a holistic approach to coaching, addressing both the inner and outer aspects of personal development.

​Through her workshops, coaching, and motivational speaking, Laurie has helped countless individuals and teams achieve their goals and reach new heights of success. Laurie’s approach is rooted in storytelling, using personal experiences and real-life examples to inspire and motivate others.

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