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On The Court Solutions was created with the goal of helping student-athlete navigate the opportunities and challenges faced both on and off the field.


Laurie Governor Curtis, Founder, and CEO of On The Court Solutions, own experience as a student-athlete, coach and parent of a student-athlete has given her a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that student-athletes face both on and off the field.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in leadership and education, Laurie’s approach is based on a deep understanding of the needs and goals of the student-athlete, as well as the demands of college life and the pressures of high-level competition. Laurie works closely with her clients to develop customized strategies that enable student-athlete to achieve their full potential.

Whether you are starting out as a student-athlete or you are already well into their college career, Laurie provides guidance, support, and resources the student-athlete needs to succeed. And when it comes time to transition out of college and into the professional world, Laurie can help the student-athlete navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with that transition.

With her expertise, experience, and commitment to helping student-athletes succeed, Laurie is laser-focused on helping student-athletes achieve their goals and reach their full potential through the development of personalized workshops, coaching and speaking sessions.

Workshops developed by On the Court Solutions

  • Understanding the Recruitment Process

  • Mental Health and the Student Athlete

  • Conflict Resolution

  • It's Business: 5 Tips to Navigate NIL 

  • Next Level: Transitioning Beyond College Athletics

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